Our quick and straight forward agreements are held with a refundable deposit offering both parties peace of mind through a stressful time.

How it works

We’ve built a simple online system so you can manage your agreementand deposit right through to completion.

Property Pledge
Property Pledge

Create an Agreement

So you’ve agreed the price of your property purchase / sale via the Estate Agent or privately. Now it’s time for the buyer, seller and estate agent to enter some details. At this stage the amount of deposit and the agreements timescale will be set. Then all parties sign the agreement online.

Property Pledge
Property Pledge


Our agreements have been created by lawyers and are binding. Due to this, there will need to be rules, we call these ‘obligations’. They are set for both buyer and seller and must be adhered to. If either party doesn’t fulfil their obligations during the agreement they will forfeit their deposit.

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Property Pledge

Lodge Deposit

The deposit is paid via our secure, online platform and is transferred directly to the third party Escrow company (they conform to all GDPR legislation and hold a EU banking licence). At this point, you will also pay our fee.

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Property Pledge

Conveyancing & Surveys

Within the timescale of the agreement the buyer, their solicitor and mortgage lender (if necessary) will carry out all conveyancing, legal and surveying work prior to exchange of contracts.

Property Pledge
Property Pledge


At the end of the agreed timescale the buyer should have exchanged contracts. If the buyer has exchanged contracts they will be refunded their deposit in full. However, if the buyer has failed to exchange contracts or withdrawn and has therefore breached the agreement obligations then they will forfeit their deposit and it will be sent to the seller.

Single Agreement

  • Only the buyer is lodging a deposit, suitable if:
  • Buying a new build
  • Buying a vacant property
  • Wanting to strengthen your offer
  • The seller is asking for more reassurance

Dual Agreement

  • Both buyer and seller are lodging deposits, suitable if:
  • The buyer is concerned the seller may withdraw
  • The seller is concerned the buyer may withdraw
  • The buyer wants to minimise the risk of being gazumped
  • Both parties are looking for more assurance

Have any questions?

Our frequently asked questions or our pricing page may have the answers you're looking for, however if not then please contact us and we will get back to you.